What have you got to lose?

  • Northern Alberta winter-induced cabin fever
  • Settling for a bowl of chips and reruns
  • A car full of children asking "are we there yet?"
  • Being a new face in a new place without any kind of social network other than Facebook
  • Playing Parcheesi...for the hundredth time

What have you got to gain?

  • Building your skill set
  • Getting in shape and having fun
  • Enjoying a local attraction without the cost and hassle of traveling to the Caribbean
  • Meeting a group of people committed to their community and having a great time
  • Enjoying time with your loved ones, we are a family friendly setting

Welcome to our Patrol!

Leaf full colour bilingualWe are the proud team of certified volunteers who patrol the slopes of
Peace River's Misery Mountain and other local resorts.

What does our team look like?
To be honest, we look just like you. We are volunteers from the community; with some exceptions:

  • We undergo the Canadian Ski Patrol System (CSP) on-snow and on-trail training program
  • Our patrol services the hill with advanced CSP certified first-aid and health care level C rated CPR
  • Patrollers are trained for ski lift evacuation


CSP Vision Statement:
The CSP is Canada's leader in certifying ski patrollers and advanced first aid personnel to our on-snow resort partners.

CSP Mission Statement:
To promote safety and injury prevention and to provide the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services to the snow industry.

"Firth" things first
The first-class patrollers we are today can be credited to Dr. Douglas Firth. In 1940, his vision was to create a "national cooperative movement to be run by skiers, for the benefit of skiers" (The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame). Under his guidance, the CSP was based on a successful model from the United States that included first-aid training was developed. In 1961, CSP was accredited. Firth was eventually appointed to the Order of Canada. Join the long and well respected group carrying out Firth's vision for recreational, safe skiing.

What's in a name?
No, the mountain was not named after the ski patrol! There are however a few versions of how the ski hill earned its name. Some suggest that the fur trader, Alexander Mackenzie, christened Misery Mountain. Others say it was named after the wolves, howling on the moonlit, snowy peaks of the mountain that kept Mackenzie's crew in misery night after sleepless night. Both explanations centre on the mystery and majesty of the mountain. Come join us, howl from the peak with the rest of the pack!

So - your boss says you need first aid?
The CSP First Aid program has been accredited by the Federal Government since 2005. In a nut shell what this means for us is that our first aid will be recognized in our workplaces in addition to on our hills.


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Want to Know More?

We welcome any questions and inquiries and would be thrilled to have you on board. 

Please send us a message on our Facebook page: Peace River Canadian Ski Patrol

or contact us through email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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